Cabins and Fisherman's cabins

The cabins are of different sizes: The smallest cabins (Cabin no. 1-6) all have one room with 4 beds, a kitchenette, and water (but not shower/WC). The larger cabins (Cabin no. 7-9,15) have shower/wc, 1-3 bedrooms and sleeps 4-7 persons.The fisherman’s cabins are of very high standard and located at the waterfront. They have 2 bedrooms and sleeps 5 persons.

Cabin 15

Large cottage with 4 bedrooms. 3 bedrooms with 2 single beds in each, and a bedroom with a single bed. Fully equipped kitchen with two toilets and a shower.

Cabin 11

Modern large cottage with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom.

Rorbuene på Vennesund Camping

Fisherman’s cabins

Fisherman’s cabins with 2 bedrooms, – one bedroom with a family bunk bed – the other with a bunk bed + a single bed.

Cabin 1 – 6

Standard cabin with one room and 2 single beds. Warm and cold water, WC and a kitchenette – but not shower.

Cabin 8

Cottage 8 has 3 bedrooms. One bedroom with one single bed, one with 3 single beds, and one with 2 single beds. Fully equipped kitchen, shower and WC.

Cabin 7

3-bedroom cottage with 2 single beds in each bedroom. Fully equipped kitchen, and shower / toilet.

Cabin 9

One bedroom cottage, shower and wc. Fully equipped kitchen and washing machine.

Cabin 10

Cottage with 2 bedrooms and 2 single beds in each bedroom. Fully equipped kitchen, and shower / WC.

The Fisherman’s cabins

The Fisherman’s cabins are located by the waterfront and has 2 bedrooms – one with two single beds, and one bedroom with bunk bed + one single bed. Fully equipped kitchen and toilet/shower.


Simple and affordable cabin for those who only need a bed to sleep in. Bunk bed. No water, shower and toilet in service building.